Don’t accept average when extraordinary is possible

Learn to maximize your amazing potential and your whole life will change.

You start by doing what other people can’t, won’t, or don’t do.


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Level Up Your Mindset

Level up your mindset with Cici Castelli’s secrets to unlocking your ultimate competitive advantage!

Stand out with an unstoppable work ethic that benefits every aspect of your life. Full of personal stories and effective strategies for any business environment, this guide gives you the tools to boost your productivity, increase your capabilities beyond your comfort zone, and lead a team that refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

You will discover...

  •  A refreshing approach to finding success in the business world without sacrificing happiness, balance, or well-being.
  •  Why passion is the key to becoming a better leader—and how to make yourself feel more passionate about every single thing you do.
  •  How to ditch “one day at a time” and plan each day, week, month, and year for optimal goal achievement.
  •  Risk management that encourages a productive, responsible risk-taking culture within your team.
  •  Communication and interpersonal strategies that will help you build a higher-performing team that feels like family. 

Don’t accept average when extraordinary is possible—with a simple mindset shift! Get Mindset Unlocked now and do what others can’t, won’t, or don’t do to unlock a new level of success.

About the Author

Yilcian Castelli, known in the world as “Cici,” was a dishwasher at Harvard University when she first came to the United States as a first-generation immigrant. She started from nothing! She put herself through school and changed careers throughout her life while being a single mom. Currently, she is a technology executive and thought leader in the travel and hospitality industry. Currently, she holds the position of the director of digital deployment at one of the top companies in travel and hospitality industry, where she has been since 2010 and has held over 10 different management and leadership roles. She has traveled to 75 countries and worked in Miami, Boston, California, Madrid and Shanghai.

 Cici is a productivity strategist and high performance coach to entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional men and women, and C-Suite executives.

As a Strategist, she provides high level thinking, planning and helps her clients execute their strategies to get their stuff done by improving both their personal and professional productivity and lives. Many of Cici’s students have gone on to dramatically improve doubling their bottom lines, their productivity, resulting in an increase their job compensation, revenue streams while achieving balance and personal happiness.

Throughout her career, Cici has become a role model in the technology industry and has a great reputation for getting things done. Cici’s diverse experience spans project and finance management in information technology, shipboard technology, business development, infrastructure solutions, telecommunications, highway tolling, linguistic translations, and medical services. Cici has experience leading small start-ups to large publicly traded companies, privately held companies, and public-sector organizations. Cici has also been an independent consultant to large and small private organizations and has owned and operated her own business.

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