Coaching Services and Offerings

Private, Individual Coaching

Private, Individual one-to-one coaching using the proven Certified High Performance Coaching curriculum and my expertise to help you identify 'time sucking activities' that take away from your productivity and family and fun time.

We will identify the key projects that impact your bottom line and discuss high level thinking and planning to get them done. This program will help you gain more clarity about your life goals, seek to improve your energy, daily productivity, and your influence in your world in order to get your projects and stuff done.

This curriculum has helped CEOs, C-Suite executives, professionals, athletes, coaches, project managers, even Oprah and Usher.

This program is based on meeting once a week for 60 minutes for 12 consecutive weeks, unless there is a major holiday. 


To begin, click on the link below to schedule your private Strategy Session with me where we discuss how I can help you.

Group Coaching

This program is over the course of twelve months and consists of twenty four sessions of 90-minutes on Zoom. It is based on High Performance coaching which is a scientifically proven, research-driven, results-oriented coaching curriculum that has helped CEOs, professionals, Olympic athletes, even Oprah, and Usher. 

We work together to obtain better clarity, confidence, courage, productivity, influence and the support you need to break barries to achieve your highest potential and better self. The energy and support of the group will help you in powerful ways.

In this setting, I ask a question and one or two participants have an opportunity to answer. As the session progresses, and I ask questions, more members have opportunities to get coached. The more often you volunteer to be coached, the more you will get out of the sessions. You will be charged and inspired to pursue and achieve your goals.


Private Strategy Session

Private one-to-one Strategy Session for a quick deep-dive into helping you gain more clarity about your life goals and a positive plan to achieve it.

To begin, click on the link below to schedule your private Strategy Session with me.

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