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Yilcian Castelli, known in the world as “Cici,” was a dishwasher at Harvard University when she first came to the United States as a first-generation immigrant. She started from nothing! She put herself through school and changed careers throughout her life while being a single mom. Currently, she is a technology executive and thought leader in the travel and hospitality industry. Currently, she holds the position of the director of digital deployment at one of the top companies in travel and hospitality industry, where she has been since 2010 and has held over 10 different management and leadership roles. She has traveled to 75 countries and worked in Miami, Boston, California, Madrid and Shanghai.

 Cici is a productivity strategist and high performance coach to entrepreneurs, small business owners, professional men and women, and C-Suite executives.

As a Strategist, she provides high level thinking, planning and helps her clients execute their strategies to get their stuff done by improving both their personal and professional productivity and lives. Many of Cici’s students have gone on to dramatically improve doubling their bottom lines, their productivity, resulting in an increase their job compensation, revenue streams while achieving balance and personal happiness.
Throughout her career, Cici has become a role model in the technology industry and has a great reputation for getting things done. Cici’s diverse experience spans project and finance management in information technology, shipboard technology, business
development, infrastructure solutions, telecommunications, highway tolling, linguistic translations, and medical services. Cici has experience leading small start-ups to large publicly traded companies, privately held companies, and public-sector organizations. Cici has also been an independent consultant to large and small private organizations and has owned and operated her own business.

Prior to her career in technology, Cici was the director of interpreter services in two major hospitals in the Boston area for 11 years. Cici was keen enough to identify and capitalize on an opportunity to grow into the newly emerging technology industry and chose to pivot her career into technology and moved to California during the beginning of the period. Cici’s ability to plan ahead and see the future for both her personal and professional growth and achievement led her to a rewarding 20+ year journey in technology.

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Cici graduated with a master of science degree in project management from Boston University, a bachelor’s degree in business management from University of Phoenix, and completed the deaf studies and American Sign Language program at Northeastern University. Cici has two children, Bianca and Giancarlo, and a beautiful dog, Loki. When Cici is not working, she is often enjoying a glass of wine with good food, exercising, traveling the world, mentoring and speaking to others, or planning her next adventures.

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Thank you, Cici, you have completely changed my life. 

Although I’ve always been a high achiever I found myself cluttered by distractions and lacking in the productivity I needed in my workday to take my business to that next level while also maintaining balance in my personal life and taking care of my wellness and having fun!! So my work with Cici has been completely transformational because I’ve been able to grow my business exponentially while feeling more balanced and productive 

Tamy Anderson.  Functional Health Coach 

Cici is authentic empowering and empathetic. Her mentorship helped me learn how to maneuver and manage my way in the business corporate world she helped me obtain a major salary increase and on top of that helped me create a path towards obtaining my dream job! I genuinely think that the time that I’ve spent with Cici has been a great investment not only to my career but my personal life!

Jess Suarez, Digital Product Owner. FL


Cici Castelli is a Certified High Performance Coach, who will guide you with sensitivity, patience, and wisdom to connect with your soul so that tapping into your heart's highest calling and with clarity, you can envision the path ... that will help you reveal your purpose that fills you with joy, abundance and confidence in all that you do in your life and is the light that others follow.  Furthermore, she will give you the tools that the highest achievers anchor their lives to in the service of others as their purpose expands.  You will never regret investing in yourself by hiring Miss Castelli to help you navigate this changing world.

Jorge Francis Cassir, MD.  Radiation Oncology Specialist. Author of "Intentional Conception:  How to Connect with Your Unborn Child and Stay Connected Forever", Spiritual Teacher, and Coach.

Cici, you are a great example of how I want to live -- what I want to be.

Eric Callagher, Engineer. CA

Being a CEO and an executive that is constantly under fire I’m always faced with the problem of prioritizing, there’s always a multitude of projects and demands! And as a direct result of coaching with Cici and receiving her training she was able to help me prioritize the projects that have the most impact in my life and I found this to really not only enhanced me professionally but personally as well! My family life was improved because of the way Cici was able to help me see things. Cici gave me a new perspective and a new outlook and I would strongly recommend Cici for anything professional that you want to have organization. Cici is really good at helping executives make more money and have more time for their family and that’s so important!! I felt Cici really understands how important time is because we can’t buy our time and so has the knowledge and abilities and skills to help and executive orchestrate the most important things in their life so they get their time back and they actually end up making more money


Brett Joerger, CEO. Westhaven Solar Power. CA


All last year she had me doing things that I didn’t think I wanted to do and I didn’t think they had anything to do with productivity but actually they were things that I wanted to do that were not even professional related but they added to my professional drive things such as we getting the triathlon, establishing a big brother being a big brother for some other people and a lot of other things that I always wanted to do - that fueled my desire to advanced my career and become a high-performing professional and in everything that I do so again Cici thank you very much! I am bless and honor that I’ve known you professionally, personally, socially and if anyone wants to get on board just get on board! She is going take you to where you want to take you! She is tough at least to me in a nice way and she does not let stuff gets by! I love it! it makes you accountable

Peter Walton, Information Technology Project Manager Consultant. FL